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Wheel Trenchers


JANICKô LLC offers the wire trenching industry state-of-the-art walk behind wheeled trenchers. Our wheeled trenchers reduce jarring and kickback when trenching hard, rocky soils. In addition, our JANICKô trenchers come with a gauge wheel that helps regulate the depth of the trench area. The wheel can be lifted in order to allow maximum depth for such areas like gravel driveways and pastures. It can also be dropped into a caster position so that you can easily walk to and from the work site.

Innovative Wheel Trenchers
JANICKô LLC's wheel trenchers are streamlined for the pet fencing industry and those in the business of installing underground wire for robotic lawn mowing systems. You save time and labor when you use a JANICKô trencher. Utilizing the most current technology allows JANICKô LLC's trenchers to be highly competitive. We adhere to only the highest industry standards in wire and cable installations.

Our trenchers were designed to simplify the way you do business, and they provide you with professional and industrial strength. In addition, JANICKô LLC's trenchers can be less destructive to turf, and when used with different attachments, more versatile than other trenchers on the market. Also, they minimize backbreaking labor, which, arguably, is one of the biggest advantages in today's labor-shy work environment.

Those who have used the JANICKô trenchers reported that they require less installation time and felt that the trencher was quite easy to use and produced a more professional result than other installation methods. Additional benefits of the JANICKô trenchers include the ability to trench in all soil conditions, thereby greatly increasing job site productivity. Moreover, installing pet fencing wire with a JANICKô trencher helps to ensure an accurate depth which otherwise might not be achieved.