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Buy new or factory refurbished trenchers from JANICKô LLC.

JANICKô also offers traded in machines from DMR, Wes/Tech, and MTD.

JANICKô LLC's wire trenchers are specifically designed and built for those in the business of installing underground pet fences and for those who lay wire for robotic lawn mowing systems. The JANICKô trenchers, along with optional attachments, are also ideal for shallow trenching applications such as cable TV and low voltage outdoor lighting.

The JANICKô trenchers are the most maneuverable trenching machines on the market. The depth gauge wheel can easily be adjusted into a caster position, allowing the blade to be free of the ground when walking to or from the work site. Also, the JANICKô trenchers allow for easy turning and laying of the wire or cable.

Additionally, these trenchers utilizes our own innovative blade, which is made of 1/4" steel and high quality carbide teeth that are welded in. This blade can easily cut through large tree roots, as well as granite, shale and other types of rock. Installing wire or cable with a JANICKô trencher is fast and easy and will save time, as well as labor. So rather than settling for a used trencher, contact us about a superior-quality brand new model.