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Used Trencher Sales


Whether you are a PetSafe, Invisible Fence, Pet Stop, Dog Guard or other type of wire/cable installer looking for a used trencher sale, JANICK™ LLC has a better alternative that you should investigate. JANICK offers new and factory reconditioned trenchers. Experienced installers know that by using only high-quality equipment, they will experience a reduction in costs, labor and downtime, as well as increase overall efficiency. Today, trenching quality means using a superior machine.

A Better Alternative to a Used Trencher Sale
JANICK™ LLC offers those looking for a used trencher sale a better and affordable alternative, with the JANICK™ trenchers. These trenchers are very operator-friendly and come with convenient features. It requires no gear shifting and the transmission is easily controlled by a variable speed right-hand thumb lever that lets you move at the speed you want.

In addition, the blade can easily be controlled through a left-hand thumb lever and can be switched to rotate either forward or backward with a toggle switch that is located on the handlebars. Moreover, our innovatively designed blade (with high quality carbide teeth) can stand up to repeated encounters with large tree roots, granite, shale and other rocks. These trenchers are all manufactured with only the very best parts and are designed especially for wire/cable trenching.

We at JANICK™ LLC pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality trenchers and service, and we stand behind every trencher we sell. We are dedicated to providing you with only the best trenchers that can be found on the market today. Our customer service staff is available to help keep you on the job and can be easily reached by calling toll-free 1-888-836-4287.