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Underground Fences


Welcome to our website. We build trenchers for the installation of underground pet fences from companies including:  PetSafe*, Pet Stop*, Invisible Fence*, and Dog Watch.*

We are leaders in the underground fence industry, offering you mini trenchers of superior strength that feature adjustable trenching speeds. These speeds allow you to trench up steep hills and through rocky terrain. The JANICK™ trencher's quality construction makes it the sturdiest and most innovative trencher available.

Underground Fence Installation Made Easy
We at JANICK™ LLC fine-tuned the same concept that was being used in the construction of larger trenchers and developed the JANICK™ trenchers to make life easier for those who install underground fence and other underground wiring systems. They offer the same ease of operation as larger trenchers, cutting through all kinds of rock and underground debris, only with convenient hand controls on the handlebar. Time being money, our trenchers are the answer to all your dog fence wire trenching needs.

Moreover, the spool holder that comes with a JANICK™ trencher is designed to hold spools up to 3,000 feet of 18 gauge wire, which means less stopping during trenching. Also, the wire shoe is made for easy insertion and removal of wire, without causing any damage to it. It is also adjustable; as a result, you can be assured that the wire is placed exactly where you want it--at the bottom of the trench!

Best of all, our specially designed 1/4" thick abrasion-resistant steel blade with high quality carbide teeth is designed to cut through large tree roots, sandstone, shale, and more, without getting caught up in them. The carbide inserts on the Shark Tooth™ teeth are of superior quality and are known to stand up to repeated encounters with granite boulders and other underground debris. If you want to make installing underground fences easy, contact us today at 1-888-836-4287!

*PetSafe, Pet Stop, Invisible Fence, and Dog Watch are registered trademarks of their respective owners.