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JANICKô LLC offers you the very best in trenchers sales. While installation of pet fencing is becoming more common, not all installers have the best tools for the complicated and tedious cutting that is required to install a pet fence. The JANICKô trenchers are the best tool that an installer could have. Using this machine will make trenching easier. Take your time and browse our website to view pictures of the JANICKô trenchers for sale.

These trenchers are designed specifically to help installers with pet fence installation. For the most part, the installation of a pet fence requires precision cuts and good maneuverability. With the JANICKô trenchers, you get just that. Unlike all other trenchers, these deliver exceptional maneuverability, performance, ease of operation, and serviceability.

With the JANICKô trencher's innovative blade design, you will be able to easily cut through tree roots, granite boulders, sandstone, shale and more, and keep right on going. In addition, our specially designed "wire shoe" allows for easy insertion and removal of the wire without having to cut it or worry about damage to it. Also, the wire shoe is adjustable for different depths, which will help to ensure that the wire is placed exactly where it should be--at the very bottom of the trench.

We offer you years of expertise working with customers in the machine industry. The quality inherent in the design of the trenchers can be found in every detail of this piece of equipment. Unlike some other companies, JANICKô LLC manages all of the research, design and the manufacturing of virtually every JANICKô trencher produced.

Should you have any questions about our trenchers, contact us at 1-888-836-4287.