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As an industry leader of mini trenchers, JANICKô LLC is dedicated to providing only the highest-performance wire trenchers on the market. Throughout our manufacturing process we utilize only the highest-quality equipment and offer you more than a decade of expertise in the machine industry. Take your time and browse our site and then feel free to contact us toll-free at 1-888-836-4287.

About Our Mini Trenchers
Our mini trenchers are specifically designed to install residential underground wire systems. The JANICKô trenchers feature hydrostatic operation for greater reliability and reduced maintenance, as well as convenient hand controls for better efficiency. With superior maneuverability that is combined with cutting power to penetrate tough surfaces, the JANICKô trenchers are the best mini trenchers on the market.

Our JANICKô mini trenchers come with uniquely designed blades that are made of 1/4" thick abrasion-resistant steel and top quality carbide teeth. These blades can cut through thick tree roots, granite boulders, asphalt, and limestone, without getting caught or hung up. With the JANICKô trenchers, you just keep going until the trenching job is done! It leaves neat, clean trenches every time, which helps to minimize backfill and cleanup.

Furthermore, the JANICKô trenchers are equipped with a gauge wheel so that you can regulate the depth of your trench with ease. While a setting of three inches is normally used, you can adjust the wheel to allow for a maximum depth of 6 inches. Also, the wheel can be dropped into a caster position so that the blade is free of the ground and the trencher can easily be walked to and from the site area.