The JANICK 1100


Shown with standard features.

Machine Features:

11 Horse Power Engine - provides enough power to the 14" blade to offer a remarkable performance for a machine of this size.

Hydrostatic Transmission - allows the wheels to turn at any speed in forward or reverse while trenching without shifting gears. Includes a roll release for moving the machine when it is not running.

Balance - machine design incorporates balance, allowing the machine to sit flat while in operation, but sit on the nose while being serviced during an install or routine maintenance. Keeps the machine easy to handle.

Hydraulic Driven Blade - allows the blade to keep turning at full speed even when the wheels are not, allowing for time to cut through tree roots, rocks, or other obstacles.

Carbide Teeth on the Blade - mining grade carbide allows the blade to install a minimum of 100 fences even in the harshest ground conditions. Machine cuts to a maximum depth of 5 inches.

Pivot Brake - locks the toolbar in position so that it is easily serviced.

Wire Shoe - Depth adjustable to keep the wire at the bottom of the trench, where it is supposed to be. Wire can be removed out of the side without having to cut it for obstacles such as wooden fences.

Pivoting and Height Adjustable Handlebars - allows any sized operator to maintain safe comfortable control at all times.

Electronically Controlled Hydraulics - the system is capable of spinning the blade in forward rotation for aid up hills and in soft sod, or spinning the blade in reverse rotation for most cutting situations.

Available Add-Ons and Options: Call 1-888-836-4287 For Pricing

Engine: Comes Standard with Tecumseh

Comes Standard with Spool Brake


Accessory Spool Carrier

Preventative Maintenance Kits


Remote Start

Weight Brackets (weights not included)

Tires: 1100 standard tires, 1500/1800 standard tires, super wide tires

Root Ripper Blade: narrow, standard, wide    (wire shoe is made to match)

The Badger Blade is not offered for the 1100.