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Fence Building


There are several reasons for fence building: for architectural considerations, privacy, and pet containment, just to name a few. A professional fence installer needs the proper trenching tool in order to install the invisible pet fence systems. Today, more and more people are turning to electronic underground pet fences when looking to keep their pets in the yard. Underground pet fences allow people to easily train their pets and keep them from running away.

Electronic underground pet fences are virtual barriers that dogs cannot breach. A wire is laid around a chosen area and is buried underground. A transmitter continuously sends a low power, low frequency signal around the wire which acts as an antenna. The pet wears a tiny battery-powered receiver on his collar which picks up a signal from the wire.

Underground Fence Building with JANICKô LLC
Electronic underground fence building has never been easier than with the JANICKô trenchers. Specifically designed to help you install pet fence containment systems, the JANICKô trenchers are easy to maneuver and will operate in all types of soils. Innovatively designed and manufactured by JANICKô LLC, the JANICKô trenchers offer you reliable levels of power and trenching performance.

At JANICKô LLC, we take pride in offering the most effective trencher on the market when it comes to electronic underground pet fence building. We place a strong emphasis on customer service and strive to help our installers every step of the way. Although the Internet has revolutionized the way we market our trencher, we still recognize the importance of solving problems and answering questions directly when a situation calls for it. If you have any questions about our trencher, or just want to provide us with feedback, feel free to contact us at 1-888-836-4287.