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Dog Fence Trenchers


As with all equipment, the right dog fence trenchers (and the ones that are best for you) are the ones that make sense economically because they get the job done quickly. The performance of all dog fence trenchers depends on soil type and the amount of debris encountered. With a JANICKô trencher you can easily trench through all soil types and cut through various types of debris, including granite, shale, large roots, etc. At JANICKô LLC, we offer you only the best of the best! Take your time and browse our site--we are sure you will be impressed.

The Ideal Dog Fence Trenchers
Although standard trenchers are good for installing pipe and digging deep trenches, they can be overkill for wire and cable installations where a smaller trench is needed. The JANICKô dog fence trenchers are ideal for wire and cable installations, and prohibit you from over-excavating the trench. For residential trenching, no other trencher will offer you what a JANICKô does. Our models dig a shallow, narrow trench that helps to minimize backfilling and turf disruption.

Utility installation contractors have used disc trenchers for years to cut through rock and other debris that other trenchers simply could not penetrate. The same concept has been scaled-down for use in shallow wire installations with the JANICKô trenchers. Our trenchers are the most innovative and versatile trenchers on the market. They use a high-speed, motor-driven, uniquely designed abrasion resistant steel blade with patented carbide teeth to dig trenches with a maximum depth of 6 inches.

Additionally, the specially designed wire shoe, also referred to as the wire feeder, is made to allow for easy insertion and removal of wire without cutting or damaging it. It is depth adjustable to assure that the wire is laid at the very bottom of the trench. While our trenchers are not intended for deep trenching, their price and mobility make them ideal for most residential wire trenching jobs. They fit easily into small areas, next to houses, through gates, and are easy for one person to operate.