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Digging a Trench


JANICKô LLC manufactures economical and efficient machines that allow you to dig a trench while cutting through some of the most challenging rock types, including sandstone, limestone, shale, and granite. With more than a decade of experience in the machine industry, we know how to build a trencher and how to help you dig a trench. Our trenchers are specifically designed for those in the business of installing underground pet fencing. The optional attachments also allow them to be used for the installation of cable TV wire and other low voltage outdoor wiring.

Dig a Trench with a JANICKô Trencher!
Experienced installers know that it takes a tough machine to dig a trench without having to stop because of underground debris. Every JANICKô trencher is designed so that you can trench for miles without having to stop. It offers you better traction and good stability to trench unstable terrain.

The JANICKô trenchers are built to stand up to rugged use while retaining good maneuverability, ease of operation, and low maintenance. Because the JANICKô trenchers come with a hydrostatic transmission, a pivoting blade assembly, a pivoting wire shoe to follow the blade, and is matched with extensive power and traction, installing underground wire or cable is easy. In addition, by reducing side-to-side movement and by allowing for more flexibility, you get a straighter trench every time.

With flexible power options, responsive hand controls and cutting-edge designs, JANICKô LLC trenchers match your job site needs. If you would like to see more about the JANICKô trenchers, take your time and browse our site. For more information or to get your trencher sent to you today, please contact us toll-free at 1-888-836-4287.