Root Ripper Blades


The JANICK Root Ripper is our general purpose blade. Designed specifically for installers who work in wooded areas, this blade has been found to create less soil disturbance than the Badger Blade, but also cuts a little slower. Works well in most soil conditions, but we prefer the Badger Blade in really hard or frozen ground. The 15" JANICK spline blade is shown on the left, and the JANICK 3 hole design is shown on the right.

The MTD 4 hole pattern along with the JANICK 3 hole patter is shown on the left, and the BCS hole pattern is shown on the right.

We currently offer Root Ripper Blades for JANICK, BCS, Honda (both designs), and MTD. We would be glad to make a blade for any other brand trencher that you may own. The blades are available in 3 different thicknesses, call for prices and recommendations.

Available Blades Include:

15" JANICK spline hub (for 1500)

15" JANICK 3 hole (for 1300/1500)

14" JANICK spline hub (for 1100/1300)

14" JANICK 3 hole (for 1300)

14" BCS

14" Honda (both designs)

14" MTD

or Custom Made