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The JANICK Line Up

When it comes to choosing trenchers to help with the installation of a dog containment system, you want only the best. Today, that means utilizing trenchers that are not large and heavy, but instead using ones that are easy to manage. Within the field of trenchers, JANICK™ produces the best.

JANICK currently produces the 1800 Trencher (left), the 1500 Trencher (right), and the 1100 Trencher (not shown). Check out our Products page for more information.

JANICK™ Blades

JANICK™ trenchers have been designed for the installation of underground pet fences. These dog fence trenchers are equipped with the best trenching blades available. The JANICK™ blades are designed to cut tree roots, rocks, and hard packed ground with ease. The teeth are composed of mining grade carbide, which is a must for a long lasting trencher blade. With blades available in different thicknesses and cutting designs, we have the right blade for your trenching needs.


The Root Ripper (left) and the Badger Blade (right).


More About JANICK™ Trenchers

Check Out the Photo Gallery for Pictures and Videos of the JANICK™ Trenchers in Action.

Easy maneuvering is one of the most important factors in the purchase of a trencher. The JANICK™ trenchers have an innovative design that will provide you with just that. Built to save you both time and labor, every JANICK™ trencher is equipped with a hydrostatic transaxle which requires no gear shifting, along with a separate hydraulic system used to power the cutting blade. The cutting system is also able to pivot, allowing for turns mid-cut without any added difficulty as seen in other trenchers.

Unlike many other trenchers, the JANICK™ trenchers will cut through tree roots, shale, sandstone, limestone, concrete and more. With a lot of maneuverability, this trencher is very easy to steer and can even be slowed down to a crawl when trenching over rocky terrain. Installers will appreciate the fact that this trencher was specifically designed to make their lives easier.

With a JANICK™ trencher, you not only get a superior product, but you also get an integrated system approach to dog fence trenching. In addition, we provide excellent service and have a friendly customer support team that is available to help answer any questions you may have.

You may contact us at 1-888-836-4287, or e-mail us at

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